Audible Addixion Loves Like I Did! Check Out The Review!

Top online music blog, Audible Addixion, has posted a wonderful review of Jenn Connor’s latest single, Like I Did! Check it out here or read it below!


Out of the coming wave of new pop female singers Jenn Connor stands out. With her exceptional youthful sound, Connor is making a name for herself in the industry and is becoming bigger with every track she releases.

The talented singer’s music is addictive, the combination of her voice and her beautifully written lyrics never fail to strike all the right emotions. Her latest single “Like I Did” is a sample of her still growing music career. Still in the beginning of her career, Connor defines her sound with the track “Like I Did.” The pop track is slightly influenced by the pop of the early 2000’s and therefore has a sense of nostalgia. The track is very youthful and energetic and the raw lyrics add to the song’s beauty.

The single is just a taste of the groundbreaking music career ahead of Connor. And until she releases more “Like I Did” will be on repeat.