New Single “Insecurities” Out Now!

Canadian Pop recording artist Jenn Connor marks a successful return with the release of her new single, “Insecurities.”

Produced by multi-platinum and award-winning producer Rob Wells, Jenn Connor’s latest single, ‘Insecurities,’ is a fun and upbeat pop/dance track that highlights the emotional rollercoaster one can experience while in a relationship. It is a perfect tune for anyone looking to let loose and have a good time while still being able to relate to the lyrics.

“Insecurities” follows Jenn’s successful 2018 release “Like I Did,” also produced by Wells. “Like I Did” received radio airplay across Canada and was also featured in online blogs and publications, including Vents Magazine. The song helped Jenn become the No. 1 Independent Pop Recording Artist in Toronto and within the top five nationwide.

Staying true to the standards she sets for herself and her music is paramount for Jenn. ”I’ve always wanted my music to appeal to the right audience without compromising my core values. I want my art to be appropriate for all ages without being too explicit. I’ve overcome this by staying true to myself and working with professionals who understand my vision and know me as a person.”

Indeed, Jenn Connor’s first producer, Tomas Costanza, shares her conviction. When asked about their work together, he said, “Jenn is a refreshing change from the typical “business-like” approach to music. She is more concerned with making music she loves, rather than creating a product, and you can sense it in the songs she makes.”

Jenn’s focus on her own music career has been matched only by her love of teaching and helping others achieve their musical goals. Armed with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, the Burlington, Ontario resident opened her own music school in 2022 – Jennifer Connor Studio of the Arts. “My goal is to reintroduce the beautiful Bel Canto vocal style to the pop landscape and share my passion and expertise with singers and pianists of all ages. I hope to develop my own artists while teaching voice and piano lessons and pursuing my singing career.”

Though she stepped back from releasing songs since “Like I Did” came out, Jenn continued writing and recording new music while still developing her craft. “I took a break from releasing new songs to focus on my education with specific emphasis on journalism, production, and new media.” She graduated from the College of Sports Media in 2021 and is now excited to share “Insecurities” with her growing fan base.

Not just a musician but also a teacher, model, and streamer, it would not be surprising to see Jenn Connor become a household name very soon. Stream “Insecurities” via your favorite streaming platform, including Spotify. Connect with Jenn Connor via Instagram to get real-time updates on her music releases and upcoming events.