Happy New Year from Jenn Connor

I’m going into 2018 with the biggest smile on my face. Your support this year has truly been unbelievable. It’s because of you and your support that I was able to create music that we’re all proud of. And because of that post you shared, the video that you made, or the picture you commented on, we welcomed many new faces and formed new friendships. You all mean the entire world to me and I’m looking forward to 2018. It’s going to be our best year yet. We’re starting 2018 off with a bang with the release of my new single, “Like I Did”, and so many more exciting things will be coming after that. I really can’t wait. Much LOVE to all of you, I love you.

To my loved ones, thank you for always being there for me and believing in me and in my dreams. 2017 brought some wonderful new people into my life who have truly made my life so magical. I wake up every single day with this smile on my face and I can’t thank you enough for your love and support. I love you all so much. You know who you are. 

I hope you all have a happy, healthy, safe New Year’s Eve!